Dear friends,
On the anniversary of Jim’s passing I wanted to share a poem with you that was given to me shortly after he left us. This poem was written by Wendell Brown, a veteran, who we saw and talked with to our local market.


These are the “good old days,” you know
You’ll long for later on.
Enjoy them while you can, for they
Will mighty soon be gone.

Don’t spend time living in the past,
That’s wasted time, it seems.
You can’t recall the long gone days
Redreaming faded dreams.

You know that life is here and now,
This is the “shining hour.”
So spend the time just living life
With all that’s in your power.

If you can find some folks, downcast
Who need a helping hand,
Then help them find new ways to live
And do the things they’ve planned.

Don’t eat and drink your fill each day
While others starve and die,
You don’t know all the good you do
For others, “till” you try.

You also must take time you need
To polish up your soul,
Salvation’s coming soon enough.
Is your name on the roll?

Thank you to all our friends for your love and support.

Janet Arness