April 2014

Gunsmoke 1964

The other day I was watching “Cotter’s Girl” on the Western Channel. It’s the story where Matt goes on a mission to find Clarey Cotter starring Mariette Hartley to give her an inheritance from her drunken father. In the episode she is a wild girl who has lived on her own for years out in the country.

You could tell Jim and Mariette had fun doing this show and what I liked about this show was the fact that I saw a lot of Jim’s personality in portraying his character. Like his kindness toward this girl who couldn’t help but put her arms around Jim when she was on the back of his horse going to town because she was squeezing him so tight he had to say, hey I got to breathe. I could see Jim’s humor in his expressions toward her when she was falling head over heels for him and trying to explain to her in a kind and gentle way that a young lady doesn’t always put their arms around a man. Jim was always a gentleman and I am sure that came from his Midwest upbringing.

There are so many shows that I truly enjoy but seeing Jim in this particular episode made me feel he was right here with me.

Are there any particular favorite episodes that you like to watch over and over again? Please let me know.

Janet Arness