August 2015


Where has the year gone? In fact where has 60 years gone? That’s right next month will be the 60th anniversary of Gunsmoke. Julie Ream and Jan Pritchard have two really special celebrations coming up. The first in Studio City, CA and the second at Dodge City, KS on Facebook search for Gunsmoke 60th.

I know the fans of Gunsmoke have kept the show on the air for 60 years. Jim would be so happy to know the cast and writers did their job well. Even though you have seen many of the episodes over and over the stories still keep our interest. The other amazing thing is the younger generations are enjoying the episodes also.

The West is such a great part of our American heritage let’s keep Gunsmoke going for another 60 years.

My family and I are looking forward to meeting you. Hope you can make it.

See you soon.