This month, as many of you know, is a special time. Our anniversary is December 16th and of course Christmas was always a wonderful time for both of us. Jim loved the time we spent decorating the house and the tree.

I have a very special mug being offered this year. It has a photo of Jim surrounded by his Marshal’s badge. The artwork for the mug was done by a very special fan we affectionately call Bling Bling. It is in celebration of the 60th anniversary of Gunsmoke 1955-2015.

So many have written their thoughts and feelings about Jim and they really touch my heart. Thank you all for your kind expressions. I do read all the emails your write.

I look forward to meeting many of you at the Gunsmoke 60th anniversary celebrations in Los Angeles and/or Dodge City next year. Please know everyone is invited. I will have more information of the first of year.

So I’m wishing you all Health and Happiness in the new New Year!


Janet Arness

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