August 2016

Dear Fans,

I received the email below and was so impressed that I wanted to share it with Jim’s fans. I do appreciate so many of the stories people have sent and to know that my husband has touched so many lives over the years and what Gunsmoke and Jim have meant to them. I know that Jim would have been deeply touched and grateful to Col Thomas for being there and helping the people during the devastation in Oklahoma.

Dear Janet,

I appreciate what your husband stood for. I lived all over the world with a great army career and after I retired from the army I went into federal law enforcement. I married the AP Murrah Federal Building daycare contractor thirty days before the bombing so I was there during and after the bombing.
I spent 9 long hours in the building trying to save the children in what was left of the building. I soon became very ill from breathing all the dirt in the air and ended up retired again. I almost died from the awful disease I got. Lupus SLE

I am telling you this because while in the building I asked myself what Matt Dillon would do in this situation?. It's funny of things we think about during the time of stress. Well as depressing as it was I didn't save not one child but recovered many dead. I'm now in a hospital bed at home and can no longer walk so I spend a lot of time watching gun smoke on YouTube. They have most all of them from 1955 to the last one made. Many I never seen. I wish Jim was still here so I could tell him just what he might to me. Well God bless you Janet for keeping his name out there because many young people could learn from watching him on the screen.

With many thanks Col Thomas………………

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing with us.

Janet Arness