April 2016

To Jim’s Fans,

I have gotten so many kind notes on our website. One thing many of you mention is that you wish you had met Jim. That was one of the reasons that Jim wrote his autobiography. During Gunsmoke Jim didn’t give a lot of interviews he was busy with work and his kids. The other reason was because reporters would put their own spin on the interviews. Jim became known as the Greta Garbo of TV because of protecting his privacy. In his later years he wanted his fans to know the real Matt Dillon AKA James Arness. This is another reason that I have kept the website going and writing a newsletter when I can.

Many times on the internet I have seen items about Jim that are incorrect and I know for a fact are not true. I hope for the many fans who wanted to meet Jim that his book and my letters give you a closer look at the man Matt Dillon truly was in life.

A big THANK YOU to the fans that contacted the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. They have repaired Jim’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I am going down to polish it up for your enjoyment the next you visit.

Until Jim’s birthday…
Janet Arness