January 2016

Hello Gunsmoke fans,
As the new year begins I want to thank all of the Gunsmoke fans for their great emails, cards and letters. It really means so much to me to know James has touched so many people. His 60th Gunsmoke mug has brought a great response and I know Jim would be pleased.

The Western channel has been showing the interviews they did in Dodge City for the 60th anniversary. It was touching to hear what Gunsmoke meant to the actors who worked on the show. You could tell they really enjoyed being with the cast. It had to be a special experience for them.

I only wish that I could personally respond to each email that comes in. Maybe if you have a questions that I can answer or if you would like your letter posted (without your name) on the site to express your love for the show or something about your memories of Jim I could do that. I think all the other fans would enjoy your thoughts as much as I do. I know if there is a question that I can’t answer I know there are fans out there that have the answer for us.

Janet Arness