November 2014

To Jim’s fans and my Gunsmoke Friends,

I am getting so excited about the 60th anniversary of Gunsmoke. I received an email asking if anyone can go to the 60th celebration. Yes!!!!!! There will be two celebrations (so far). One is in Los Angeles, September 19, 2015 at Sportsman’s Lodge in Studio City, California and the second one in Dodge City, Kansas the weekend of September 26-27, 2015. (I will re-confirm the dates and information on attending as received.) I will be at both celebrations to meet and greet Jim’s fans.

We are planning to have mugs for Christmas this year and t-shirts will be available the first of next year. We decided to make them the 60th anniversary edition. Thank you to all the fans who voted for their favorite photo for the t-shirts. So if you or someone you know loves Gunsmoke this will be a fun gift. The mugs are available on the website for purchase and will be shipped in plenty of time to receive them for Christmas.

Dodge City has commissioned a life-size bronze statue of Jim to be placed in the Dodge City Trail of Fame. In order to raise the money for this outstanding statue Dodge City has set up a fund raising page. Click on the link below if you would like to help raise money for this tribute to Jim. I have talked with the artist and approved his portrayal of Jim as Matt Dillon. After 60 years of Gunsmoke on TV I know Jim would be so honored to know his fans still remember him and the entertainment Gunsmoke provided over the years.

I will be thinking of Jim and all of the loyal Gunsmoke fans on this Thanksgiving. Bless you and your families.

Janet Arness

60th Anniversary Mug Artwork
It will be displayed on both sides.

T-Shirt Artwork

T-Shirt Artwork

Please CLICK HERE to donate to the tribute fund.

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