December 2017


This letter is dedicated to Jim whose life and work was a source of inspiration to so many. As many of you know December 16th was a special day for Jim and me. To celebrate I have put personal items of his on eBay. Jim had such a high regard for his fans I know he would be happy to share these items with you. Over the years I have had a chance to meet many of you in person. I have also had the pleasure of hearing your stories about what Gunsmoke has meant to you and your families. A number of you have actually become personal friends and I think sometimes you know more about Gunsmoke than I do.

I am putting up some personal items that have a wonderful history with Jim and our life together and others that have a Gunsmoke history. I sincerely hope you and your families can share in these wonderful memories.

Have a Happy and Safe 2018!
Janet Arness