April 2015

Hi fans,

I heard that after three weeks Harrison Ford was released from the hospital and is in rehab from his plane accident. Some of you may not know that Harrison Ford was in two episodes of Gunsmoke. The first was in 1973 “The Sod Busters” starring Morgan Woodward and Alex Cord. The story was written by Ron Bishop one of Jim’s favorite writers. The second episode was “Whelan’s Men” in 1973 starring Robert Burr. In one of the episodes Harrison Ford had an accident on the set. He fell on his gun and had to have his front teeth replaced.
Besides having Gunsmoke in common Jim and Harrison also had flying in common. Jim started flying basically to find remote surfing places which was one his joys. The other nice thing about flying was when Jim was on location and wanted to get home for the weekend he could fly home to see his family. If you happen to have read Jim’s autobiography you can see the smile on Jim’s face as he stands next to his Red Barron airplane. Thank God Jim was never in an accident after 20 years of flying. I just hope Harrison Ford has a speedy recovery.

Wishing you all a Happy Easter!

Janet Arness

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